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Don is an Enrolled Agent (EA) admitted to practice before the Internal Revenue Service and licensed by United States Treasury Department.  He has owned and operated Tax Centers of America, Inc. since 1992.  Prior to that he has served in the United States Army for 27½ years rising to the rank of Sergeant Major and has a Masters in Science degree from Boston University. As Sergeant Major Don served as monitor for, and advocate of, the enlisted in the command.  He continues to carry on that tradition today as he works closely with his clients’ whether they are civilians or enlisted here at home or abroad to advocate for their needs with the IRS.  

Don has over 21 years of experience in preparing tax returns and resolving complex tax problems.  He specializes in small business, corporation, and foreign exclusion tax returns.

Don’s hobbies include the being informed with current events to include with what is happening on Wall Street as well as main street, investing, physical fitness and continuing education.   

Nancy is our payroll specialist; she has worked with and in accounting for over 25 years.  She is also our QuickBooks specialist spending over 20 hours a week divulging most of her time working with over 98 business clients.  Her experience is with the business’s that only make an income of only $1000 a month to clients that show 1.5 million a month!  Nancy’s hobbies include cooking amazing meals, plants and gardening also bird watching at her home, though I think our favorite is that she has been getting into brewing her own beer!

Dan has been a part of Tax Centers of America, Inc. since 1998.  He became a full time employee starting in 2000 and has been preparing tax returns ever since.  He graduated from Pacific Lutheran University’s School of Business with a major in Human Resource Management, and Accounting.  He is also Director of a non-profit called Camp Leo for Children with Diabetes, he dedicates over 40 hours a month to helping lead activities, coordinating a staff of over 170, and training new and existing staff.  He is also Certified Challenge Course Leader through Washington State University.  Dan’s job at Tax Centers is to be well rounded, when it comes to technology, taxes and payroll he is pushing us into a new and evolving direction all the time. 

Dan’s specialty is in personal, small business, non-profits, foreign exclusion tax returns and payroll for his clients.  His hobbies include surfing; snowboarding, Auto-cross, hiking, diabetes education and helping companies manage change through group goals.