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For your convince we offer the ability to submit your tax documents online to our preparers for a personalized tax experience.  Please email documents to; dan@taxcentersinc.net

A list of information that we might need include;

Wage Statements – W-2’s

o   Pension, Retirement Income – 1099-R’s

o   Interest and Dividend Income

o   Unemployment Income Received

o   Child Care Expenses and Provider Information

o   Alimony Paid or Received

o   Lottery or Gambling Winnings/Losses

o   Mortgage Interest Paid

o   Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes

o   Medical Dental Expenses

o   Education Expenses (Tuition paid, computers, etc.)

o   Charitable Contributions

o   Unreimbursed Employment-Related Expenses

o   Self-Employed Business Income & Expenses

o   Income and Expenses from Rentals

o   Job Related Educational Expenses

o   Sales of Stocks or Bonds / with original purchase price

o   Days you were in foreign country (day you left and day you’re supposed to be back in United States)

o   Days you came home for R+R

o   Record of Purchase or Sale of Residence

o   Estimated Taxes or Foreign Taxes Paid

o   Calibrated tools needed or purchased

You can scan/email/mail any of this info and we can prepare the return from here.  Or if you’re in the area we can setup an appointment. 

Some of these may apply other may not just ignore those that do not apply, when you are ready let us know.